About the blog


We are the practicioners of the youth work, working in depth with the EVS project, and a year ago we have decided to create a project called OVPELO, that aims to improve the employability of the EVS volunteers. During the process of the implementation of the project we have faced a lot of interesting questions, analyzing what the employability is, reflecting on the different aspects of the recognition and valorization of learning, and exchanging a lot of best practices and challenges that we see in this field.

A lot of the discussions that we had were interesting enough to motivate us to share them with the wider public, and include other practicioners to contribute. Therefore we have created this blog. We are planning to post minimum once per month, and discuss the following topics:

1) NFE values and self-evaluation versus the need of official certification.
2) What are the benefits of EVS that can be useful for employers?
3) Challanges for the EVS volunteers to get a job – why?
4) The story of recognition – how it has all started.
5) Recognition – who recognize the learning in the youth project?
6) Learning to Learn approach versus external need of recognition.
7) What really young people learn during the EVS.
8) Employers are looking for transversal skills – but how they can verify them?
9) How EVS can support young people in the process of getting a job?
10) What is employability?
11) What is the role of youth work in europe in relation of employability?
12) Employability – magic word to get the project approved or soemthing more?
13) Employability what we do versus what we need to do as youth workers.

If it sounds interesting, stay tuned!


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